How To Use – Hidden Tricks Inside Of My Weather App For Phones You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots).

Tap on each one of them and uncheck the box for ‘Tell me about the weather‘. I just tried locking my doors but now I see an error on the app saying starlink services are available. The car itself has locked the doors like instructed. Could also be that the car is in a low phone signal area and can’t reliably connect to AT&T towers.

  • The YoWindow app isn’t purely focused on the visuals though, and also displays written information on temperature, UV index, chances of rain, and more.
  • I followed the steps above to restore my subscription, but the app continues to periodically ask me subscribe.
  • It features forecasting of local weather with hyper-accuracy.
  • At my wits end with this now, I will be throwing it away.
  • You can carry out a factory reset through the Settings menu, or using a button combination.

The air quality scale appears above the hourly forecast when air quality reaches a certain level for that location. You can view the sunrise and sunset times for your chosen location on APKS TO the forecast details screen of the app. Scroll down below the detailed timeline to view the sunrise and sunset times. You can turn off location settings at any time and your location information will not be collected.

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Now, the Windows Phone app store now has many of the apps you’d want, including Instagram, Waze, and LinkedIn, but many are simply not as good as the same apps on iOS and Android. I find that often friends will be saying one thing about the weather forecast different than what Weather Doc is saying; however, it always turns out Weather Doc is “right on”! It’s so nice to have this service at my fingertips whether on my laptop or phone. You can see the simple setting for Fahrenheit or Celsius, but more importantly, you can see the search box for entering a city. In fact, you can specify any city in the world for your weather forecasts, completely independent of your location.

At a given temperature, the stronger the wind is the faster this heat loss occurs and the colder we feel. The wind does not actually make the air colder so it can not cause water to freeze if the temperature is above 0°C. When our meteorologists become aware of significant changes in the atmosphere, they will issue an updated forecast based on the recent developments.

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Taking a quick scan on the Google Play or iOS Apple store will present to you several choices of different available weather apps. The settings to change the weather location are located in the SiriusXM Travel Link app. It should still be accessible even if you don’t have a SXM subscription.

New forecast data is sent every 15 minutes when the application is running and you are connected. The Weather Network App for Mac searches for new forecast data every 15 minutes, if it has tried unsuccessfully for several times, it might time out until the next scheduled update. By minimizing or exiting the application and restarting, this should restart the scheduled update. The new app is highly interactive so tapping weather data will often provide more detailed information. For city and airport locations, air quality, UV report and pollen data is displayed, for more information simply tap the report to see more details. To see detailed weather data for the short term periods, tap on the period (i.e., Afternoon).

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