How To Download Last Version The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Apk Safe In 2021.

You can upgrade a character skills by using tokens, which can be gained after battles. Hero’s level can be improved by using enhanced potions. You can equip different outfits, weapon skins, or hairstyles to heroes. This will allow players to customize character looks or optimize power in battles. If you are not familiar with the anime, Seven Deadly Sins is a story about Meliodas and six other characters who represent the seven deadly sins.

Without knowing how to read Japanese, we assume the game will give out an SR Meliodas, Gems and Meliodas’s costume. Rewards will be given according to the apk The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross download mileage that players reached. Some of the confirmed game modes include Death Match, a 2-player real-time coop mode, and Arena, the game’s PVP mode where you can battle players from around the world.

Here’s Why We Recommend Playing Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross In Landscape Mode

To benefit from this, however, we need to get to 16k CC. In team formation, you can get to see the CC of your team. This is an average of all your characters in the line-up, including the supporter. For now, we’ve only got 30k with an average team level of somewhere under 20.

From the British background in the Middle Ages with the costumes and character designs. It not only highlights the features but is also extremely familiar, like stepping out of a comic, makes you instantly attracted. All characters are meticulously crafted according to the manga / anime counterparts, and there’s just so much customization and personality to each one – a rare sight for gacha games. @astraldata i actually DID submit meliodas at first tho but it got rejected cuz of missing textures, despite me not remembering to have missed any textures in there. the admins here seem to be stretched out of capacity so plz be patient and keep in mind that rippers and admins are humans too.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Apk Android Ios

There’s even an AR mini-game in the tavern that allows players to explore all of its rooms for hidden rewards. Fans are lured in by the cinematic cutscenes and nostalgic gameplay, then struck with its premium currency-driven gacha scheme. Unfortunately, players will need to spend their precious diamonds to gather more fighters and equipment. This synthesis mechanic means there are some tricks players can use to shuffle their set of skills for a more significant impact on the battlefield. The most straightforward move is to use the skills separating the matching pair first. However, skills can be manually repositioned as well.

  • In order to get SSR Coins, you need to obtain duplicates for SSR Heroes you already own.
  • For example King has a really good ability that can petrify enemies.
  • Let’s say that you already have an SSR hero, either because the gacha spirits have smiled upon you or because you grinded things out and did six 11x Diamond Draws .
  • The former missions will even open up more stories to enrich your adventure.
  • Log into it to check if it’s legit and everything is as described in the offer.

So you can put together a team that you love and meshes the most with your particular play style. Not all of these characters will be available immediately of course, but overtime you will be able to gather them up. If you’re a fan of the anime then you will no doubt like this game.

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