Need To Know: Hidden Tricks Inside Of GRID Autosport For Tablets That Nobody Knows (With Screenshots).

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  • I was kind of disappointed aswell at first, but got used to it after some Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK for Android races.
  • For instance, what’s the point of programming in punctures when I know I can’t change that tyre?
  • The 8C has overall decent handling with great turn-in ability into corners and decent exit traction.
  • My personal favourite is demolition derby where you race around a figure-of-eight dirt track in a muscle car, crashing into your opponents whilst trying to avoid being crashed yourself.

When you first play GRID Autosport, you won’t worry too much about car selection. You’ll receive a basic yet efficient vehicle to start with, and run through the first few races with ease. If you’re looking for an authentic racing experience for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, make a pit stop with GRiD Autosport.

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I performed much worse, than I would in touring car races in race 07. I remember in the original Grid, which I played through, that you had “24 hour” races without pit stops. So if you were hesitant to buy GRID 2, or you didn’t like the changes they made to the driving, then you should definitely get this.

Every time I turned off Autosport, I didn’t feel the compulsion to return to it that I had earlier in the franchise. Something strange happens when you go online, though — it turns back into the GRID game I wanted and was expecting. You earn money to buy cars, upgrades, and maintain a garage, can pick liveries, and more, all of which are missing from single-player.

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Throw in the erratic AI and you might get annoyed quite a few times while playing Autosport. Build a Pro Racing Career – Players will live out their professional race driver dream. In a huge career, gamers join and switch teams, earn sponsor rewards, beat rivals and race with a teammate. The tracks here are mostly repeats from Grid 2, like Dubai and Paris and such, but they’re not as overused in Autosport because street racing doesn’t dominate the gameplay as much as it does in Grid 2.

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